Hi! We are glad you are interested in becoming a sponsor with us.

We accept any forms of sponsorship, whether it may be in the form of discount codes, freebies to giveaway or money.

In return, we can offer you:

Website Sponsorship

We will display your company's logo on our website for a year or specified time. On top of that if you have a discount for us we will put you on our discounts page.

Science Students' Society Sponsor Website

Event Sponsorship

Over 500+ tickets are printed for every event. You will gain exposure via our Facebook Event's cover photo, event name, description, event posts and sponsored posts. Water-marked event photos can be negotiated.

Science Students' Society Sponsorship Ticket

Freebies Giveaway

Hundreds turn up for our Fortnightly BBQs and 500+ people signup during O-Week alone. They're there for free food and drinks so free goodies will be gladly received.

Science Students' Society Sponsorship Freebies

Sponsored Facebook Post

A post and/or picture advertising your company and product delivered to our 10,000 Facebook followers.

Science Students' Society Sponsor Facebook Post

Word of Mouth

At every BBQ we sell memberships where we explain to students the benefits of membership. These include primarily our events and any discounts that you provide. We have a very large campus presence and word of discounts travel quickly.

Science Society Unimelb Word of Mouth

Membership Card Sponsorship (EXPIRED)

Over 2000 members will carry this in their wallets. Membership cards last for the whole year. Offer expires Feb 2016.

Science Students' Society Sponsor Membership Card

Interested? Contact Andr√©, our Vice-President at [email protected]